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The biggest spring maintenance jobs in Front Royal

Top Spring Maintenance Jobs For Homes in Front Royal

Well, it’s spring cleaning time again! Why do we choose spring as the cleaning time? I guess that’s when it’s finally comfortable enough to open up windows, air the house out, and do outdoor jobs in shorts. But that’s when we do it, anyway. Today let’s go over the spring maintenance jobs that are especially important for homes in the Front Royal area.

Clean air conditioner and refrigerator coils. The coils are the heat exchanging part that performs the essential cooling function of any AC system. Dust, rust, or anything else coating it diminishes its heat-transfer efficiency. Turn off the power to your outside unit, remove the casing, and go over it with high pressure air or a stiff brush. This would also be a good time to schedule a routine HVAC tune-up with a professional.

For the refrigerator, simply pull it out from the wall and run a vacuum cleaner hose over the coils. It should not be necessary to unplug it.

Clean Gutters. This is especially important if you had icicles. I mean, they look nice in winter, but they’re a sign of dam-like blockages that create pools, weighed down the whole gutter, and get in the way of the gutter doing its job, which is to keep as much water as possible away from your foundation. Long term structural issues will be expensive later.

Seal pest holes. Go around your home looking for holes by which pests might enter. Insect holes like those of the German cockroach and eastern subterranean termite will be close to the foundation, while some others may be on the exterior walls. An inexpensive can of spray foam will work well and be a sound investment here.

Clean roof. You might want to leave this job to the professionals, but someone should do it. The black streaks that show water retention contain algae that live on the limestone in the shingles, and these kinds of microbes thrive in high humidity areas like Front Royal when it gets hot. Check also for missing or loose shingles.

Re-caulk windows and doors. The caulk you had on before winter may have hardened and cracked. To keep moisture out and cool air in, check all caulked areas and re-caulk as necessary.

Clean dryer vent. Lint filling the vent limits how efficiently the dryer can work, since it needs free airflow. Reach in and clean out any lint buildup.

Check smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. This can be done any time of year, but it makes sense to do when you’re already checking up on so many other things.

Clean ceiling fans. You might not have used them in a couple of months and they may have accumulated a lot of dust.

De-salt pavement. If you had snow in the winter and used salt on your driveways and walkways, you should know that letting the salt sit there, dissolving in the rain and seeping into concrete (though not asphalt), causes long term damage. The Front Royal area doesn’t have this problem as badly as, say, Wisconsin, but it’s still a concern here.

Some of what we’ve talked about here is easy DIY work, but for things like roof and AC unit cleaning you might want to call in the professionals. Vesta Handyman, part of Vesta Property Management and now serving the public, can handle all your spring home maintenance needs, interior and exterior, of whatever size. Call us at 540-252-4696 or find us on our website.

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